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HEATMANN, a company specializing in the development of new technologies and convector heaters, introduces a new products line "LINE FAN".  These convectors distinguish themselves from other HEATMANN production since they are equipped with fans which tremendously increase air flow through the active area of the heat exchanger.   Other technologies, such as ECO HEAT and ENERGY SAVING, invented by HEATMANN LABORATORY will be also applied in LINE FAN manufacturing. Due to our unique and exceptional technologies, convectors became more efficient, lightweight, and cost-efficient.



More power – Less energy


Trench convectors with fans distinguish themselves by having an extremely high level of effectiveness.  Fans are integrated in parallel with a heat exchanger.


This technological solution significantly improves air circulation through the active area of the heat exchanger.  Higher air throughput determines faster heat circulation and more than 8 times more effective heating, compared to natural convection-based products.


Especially high coefficient of efficiency and an ability to adjust the heat output for each unit separately, can reduce the cost of heating and provide a more dynamic control of heating equipment.



More Comfort & Control


LINE FAN products are distinguished by two main characteristics: efficiency and quietness, which will bring additional comfort to your room. A possibility to adjust each unit's output level will allow to reach the wanted room temperature quicker, feel more comfortable, and set a different temperature in different rooms.


LINE FAN convectors are controlled using HEATMANN CONTROL thermostat which will allow you to regulate fans' output power. Users will be able to adjust fan's operating mode from 0 to 100%, within the accuracy of 1%. 


LINE FAN is equipped with new generation EC type fans, made in accordance with HEATMANN Energy Saving technology; therefore, fans are efficient and silent, meaning that while the device is on, it's practically inaudible.


Technologies & Quality


LINE FAN products line was created by HEATMAN LABARATORY specialists working together with scientists from the best universities. The product's unique construction was created by testing and searching for the highest efficiency of heat energy.  Professional engineers have chosen the most effective components and materials, in order to create durable, efficient, and reliable products' line.