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HEATMANN founded its own laboratory, which performs continuous testing and creates innovative solutions for their products to get the best results and become a leader in Western Europe. 

HEATMANN LABORATORY is in constant cooperation with top scientists and engineers. In the process of development of exclusive technologies and products there are many specialists involved. For example, specialists of materials science, who choose and further enhance the most effective and durable materials. Others include experts of cost-efficiency and statistics who choose solutions which prove to be of utmost effectiveness; skillful and experienced construction engineers who are continuously working to improve the ways products are designed; an environmental specialist who takes care that every newly developed technology would be eco-friendly and energy-saving, and professor of thermal engineering who forms aims and goals, and later supervises teamwork.

HEATMANN LABORATORY has already developed and adopted various technologies. One of the main areas of technological development is energy efficiency. Our laboratory has pioneered MAX FLOW® technology which guarantees extra high level of hot air flow through the heat exchanger.


A team specializing in ecology has developed ECO HEAT® heat exchangers, which economizes water resources thereby contributing to saving the planet.

The technologies developed by HEATMANN scientists and engineers are a contribution to the global thermal engineering efficiency improvements.